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What is Wix?

Wix is a leading cloud-based website development platform with millions of users worldwide which has everything you need to have a fully personalized professional website. .

Wix Brand

Is Wix good for SEO? Will my site be easily found on Google Search?

The short answer is, “Yes”.

Websites using Wix have no trouble getting to the top of search engine results.Wix covers all the SEO capabilities that a standard website needs for enhancing their visibility and online performance. It provides basic SEO features such as search console integration and sitemap generation, as well as some advanced ones. Wix is a neat fit for for small businesses, blogs, and personal websites. You can customize pages url, headings, meta tags, alt tags to images and videos, blog titles and so on.

Патентоспособность Поиск

Can I have a multilingual site on Wix?

Yes, of course! Use Wix Multilingual to attract audiences from multiple locales to your site and business. Your business might be located in a popular tourist destination, or, due to the accessibility of the internet, your website may attract an audience that spans far beyond your neighborhood, state, or even country. 

Wix Multilingual lets you translate your site manually by entering your own translations or automatically with the help of Google Translate.


What features can you have on your website?

  • With Wix eCommerce you can generate coupon codes, manage orders, choose from various product page templates and have a well designed storefront. Great solution for small and medium size shops, no commissions takes from sales.

  • Wix Events lets you create stunning invitations, sell tickets and track and communicate with attendees. They let you add specific functions to your Wix site.

  • Wix Challenges allow you to easily create various Challenges like Sport or Diet Marathons

  • Wix Hotels and Wix Booking manage your bookings

  • Wix Shoutout allows you to collect contact details of prospects who expressed interest in your site/product/service and communicate with them via email marketing campaigns.

  • If you use video for marketing and communication purposes Wix Video is super useful tool. Just upload your videos and choose layout. There’s also a live stream video option available in which viewers can comment in real time.

  • With Wix Blog write and manage your articles, interact with fans, follow statistics from your desktop or mobile phone

  • Create Members area  for clients to easily buy your products or use your services

Sale Time

How long does it take to make a website on Wix?

Technical part of creating a website isn't that long. From my experience most of time is spent on collecting good texts, choosing right images, making photos and videos for your site. It often happens that in the process a client want to change this or that text/block/photos or some of the materials are missing or being done. Then the process naturally lasts longer.

But if my client has a clear vision of what he or she wants, has everything ready it will only take 4-7 days to fulfill the design and pass to  SEO and testing which also lasts around 1 week.

Creating a Movie

Is Wix good for


Yes! According to Website Builder Experts' article last updated on December 20, 2020

Wix was rated as Number 1 e-commerce website builder, leaving behind Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Weebly and others.  You can send out emails for forgotten baskets, send promo codes, integrate clients' reviews services, implement "add to favorites" option, send out order confirmation or "thank you" email campaigns.

Web Design

Wix vs Wordpress. Which one is better?

1.Usability. WordPress is a powerful and flexible system. However, one needs to learn HTML/CSS to succeed with creating and maintaining a site. And mostly all sites require constant maintenance, so ,if you don't know coding, you'll need to apply for a specialist for it, pay extra money and wait for the service.  

To manage your wix site you don't need any special technical experience. It is intuitive. Wix is way more fun and easy.Wix simplifies its users’ life and takes care of system updates and backups, notifications about new features, security alerts and more.

2. SEO.Both WordPress and Wix have built-in SEO features for higher search ranking and better online presence.

3. Cost and value.  WordPress has all the features to help you create a professional website, but you should pay both for hosting and for domain, as well as additional costs usually apply as soon as adjustments or extensions are required to your site. Wix's premium plans start from 8 euros per month including domain and various extensions. You also don't have to overpay  to IT specalist for maintanance. For these reasons, Wix  is a better alternative as far as cost and value-for-money are concerned.

Bottom line. Wix is more fun and user friendly, Wix is for those who want to maintance site independently. Wix is more advantageous in price.

WordPress is a more powerful and more flexible platform for companies aiming to setup and maintain complex websites, create users databases, login dashboards and more.


Will my site look good on mobile, too?

Definitely, yes! With Wix features I create a mobile-friendly website. And no secret that Google rewards mobile-friendly sites. Search engines will love it and, just as importantly, so will your users. I can add your branded welcome screen, animations, customize your menu and quick reach social media buttons or chat. 

Mobile View

Is it easy to manage Wix site by yourself?

The answer is definitely YES. Wix has a visual, drag-and-drop editor. It’s similar to Powerpoint, you don’t need any previous coding  experience. It allows you to move any element to any place on a page. Wix lets you  maintain your site without too much (or any) help from a third-party service provider. Additionally, you can even do most of things from your mobile phone! With Wix mobile application you can send promo coupons, send invoices, shipping info, manage inventory, products info, clients' conversations, statistics, analytics and lots of other things. 

Website Mockup

Can I use my Wix site for free?

When your website is ready, you can start using it right away at no additional cost, it's yours forever and free. However, it will have  wix advertisement and "" in the domain. If you want to use your own domain name (e.g., connect to the Google Console and use all professional features like online booking, receiving online payments, sending automated emails or invoices, you need to go to one of the paid plans.

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